Friday Afternoon

Half day at work, cos I’ve got to go to the doctor’s in the afternoon. Cycle back. Cycling is when I feel happiest at the moment, but it’s not good for reading or listening to music, its one downside.

Haven’t got much time, so I whack spotify on random selection from all my playlists

Musical Intimidator – Revolution – Version

Television – See No Evil

Layton & Johnstone – Here I Am, Heartbroken

Mark Lanegan – You Won’t Let Me Down Again

Forest Swords – Visits

Actress – Hubble

Club 8 – Like me

Traband – Nad Koločavou / Above Kolochava

Studio – Out There

Starlito – What Was I Thinkin

Mobb Deep – (Just Step Prelude)

It reminds me that I keep meaning to listen properly to the Traband album, which whenever I’ve played it has sounded… well, interesting at least. Using music as background stuff is something I’ve vowed to do less tho, want to actually sit down and listen to more albums, like I did when I was younger. This is a hangover of an attachment to tapes and records I suspect. Often asking myself whether this represents a psychological boundary for me – my formative music listening period defining how I best appreciate music for the rest of my life, or whether consistent and habitual listening in a different manner, more suited to the download era, will ever be as rewarding for me.

Later on the way to the park listen to Jeru the Damaja – The Sun Rises in the East. was just intending to listen to a couple of tracks, but end up listening to most of it; each song refuses to be turned off.

Katy B – On a  Mission in the park. Fall asleep to it, and so hit that lovely sweet spot where you’re halfway between listening consciousness and oblivion. Probably some of my best musical listening experiences have come at this point. Everything about the music seems so lucid, and at that point, it is unhindered by anything else.

Get back home and am listening to the new Mountain Goats – All Eternals Deck, again probably an ILM thing. I struggle with them slightly, and the whole thing seems slightly undercooked, but I want to like it, so I’ll probably put it on my iphone and wait for the right mood.


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