Erupting into the Office

Sneaked a quick listen to the Katy B album at work. I got in early and there’s some headphones lying around, unfortunately the pair I pick up have gone in one ear and I have to keep my foot on where the jack goes into the computer in order to get it coming out in both ears. Really in the mood for this album today.

Quite fancy going to the Night Slugs thing tomorrow night, but don’t know anyone else who wd be up for it. Listen to Girl Unit – Wut as well, probably my favourite individual song from last year.  Time to do some work.

Oh wait, just seen this on ILM –

Not in the mood at all, feel vaguely sordid after listening to it. However I have no taste whatsoever (as in being indiscriminate rather than this being impossible to like for anyone with ‘taste’ whatever that is).

If I listen to it a few times it will get in my head and it will probably end up being a summer song or something.

I just listened to it again. Work. Now ffs.


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